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  • Borneo First (BMG) ICO: Ratings & Details | CryptoTotem

     · What is Borneo First. In the beginnig, Borneo First plans to develop three key projects. The Coal Green Mining Project will include the purchase of several small-scale mining sites, which will only use bio-diesel fuel. The production output will be provided to independent power plants, cement, paper and steel factories and exported overseas.

  • BORNEO MINERAL BARATAMA – Built with SitePad

    PT BORNEO MINERAL BARATAMA (BMB) Is an integrated coal mining business aims to provide one-stop services through its subsidiaries, starting from managing mining concessions, holding mining contractor, coal processing plant, hauling and barging until anchorage point or port of discharge for both domestic and international buyers PT Borneo Mineral Baratama, well-known as BMB Group, reside in ...

  • Sebuku Coal Mine, Kalimantan Indonesia

    The Sebuku coal mine is an open cut truck and shovel coal-mining operation located on the tiny and remote island of Sebuku, in the province of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is owned and operated by the Straits Resources Singapore-listed subsidiary Straits Asia Resources.

  • Coal Mining in Indonesian Borneo Linked to Severe Flood

     · Coal Mining in Indonesian Borneo Linked to Severe Flood Mongabay reported that massive deforestation for coal mines may have exacerbated floods …


    The Coal mining sector in Borneo Annual coal production in Indonesia has grown rapidly in the last decade to over 250 million tonnes. This figure is currently forecast to continue to grow by 4-6% per annum, reaching 316 million tonnes in 2014.88 Much of this growth is expected to come

  • mining – The Borneo Project

     · Coal mines negatively impact villagers, ecosystems in Indonesian Borneo. The village of Makroman was a thriving agrarian district until 2007, when coal companies began mining in the village, polluting the air and water with toxins. These coal companies have been negligent in many ways, including refusing to fill unreclaimed mining pits, a ...

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    PT Borneo Indocoal Perkasa (BIC) was signing the joint operation agreement number 045/HW-BIP/II/2018 with PT Harindo Wahana on February 15th, 2018. Based on this agreement BIC has the legal right to do mining operation, transportation and coal selling for the coal produced from IUP-OP PT Harindo Wahana SK Bupati Kutai Barat Nomor 545/K.875.a/2010.

  • Mining linked again to another severe flood in Indonesian ...

     · Recent floods that hit the eastern part of Indonesia Borneo may have been exacerbated by massive deforestation for coal mines. Clearing forests for the Lumbung Coal Mine, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Image: IndoMet in the Heart of Borneo,CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Massive deforestation for coal mines may ...

  • coal – The Borneo Project

     · A Hunger for Coal Threatens The Heart of Borneo. A new coal mining project may dig up more than a billion tons of coal from an area of global significance, where indigenous people have lived for generations amid the forests and rivers. Read more below to find out just how much destruction and suffering this project will cause.

  • Borneo, indigenous and environmental activists celebrate ...

    Borneo, fighting the mine. The government''s decision immediately caused an uproar among local peoples and environmental groups worried about the ecological impact of coal mining. More than two years later, activists have won their battle against the mine. The Indonesian Supreme Court has in fact ruled in their favour, revoking the permission ...

  • Indonesia to push for mine rehab, reforestation after ...

     · Indonesia to push for mine rehab, reforestation after deadly floods. The Indonesian government plans to reforest watershed areas in the Bornean province of South Kalimantan and compel coal-mining ...

  • Borneo Lumbung Energy & Metal

     · Welcome to PT Borneo Lumbung Energi & Metal Tbk . We are an integrated hard coking coal mining company, well positioned to benefit from the favorable long term industry outlook, with sizeable reserves that may increase, as we execute our drilling program and which will support our planned production of high quality coking coal.

  • COAL MINING | Borneo Coal Trading

    COAL MINING. PT. Borneo Coal Trading started an affiliate company called PT. Global Makara Teknik (GMT) that focuses on construction and mining services. GMT has been appointed to harvest PT. Energi Batubara Lestari (EBL) coal in South Kalimantan. PT. Global Makara Teknik (GMT) is an affiliate of PT.

  • Borneo Indobara coal mine Report | Wood Mackenzie

     · Borneo Indobara (BIB) is located in South Kalimantan adjacent to Arutmin''s Satui and Mulia operations. The mine produces low-rank coal with an energy content of 4,000 kcal/kg (gar) and is being developed into one of Indonesia''s largest coal mines.

  • Coal Mining in Indonesia

    The Indonesian coal industry is rather fragmented with only a few big producers and many small players that own coal mines and coal mine concessions (mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan). Since the early 1990s, when the coal mining sector was reopened for foreign investment, Indonesia witnessed a robust increase in coal production, coal exports ...

  • PT. Borneo Prima | LinkedIn

    PT. Borneo Prima Mining & Metals Tumbang Olong, Murung Raya, Central Kalimantan 298 followers Coal Mining & Trading

  • Karya Putra Borneo coal mine Report | Wood Mackenzie

     · Karya Putra Borneo coal mine. Report summary. Karya Putra Borneo (KPB) mine is IUP concession located in Kutai Kartanegara regency of East Kalimantan. The mine is 45% owned and operated by Mercator Limited from India. Wood Mackenzie''s asset reports are built from the bottom up, incorporating a number of granular data metrics to ultimately ...

  • Coal mines negatively impact ...

     · Coal mines negatively impact villagers, ecosystems in Indonesian Borneo. The village of Makroman was a thriving agrarian district until 2007, when coal companies began mining in the village, polluting the air and water with toxins. These coal companies have been negligent in many ways, including refusing to fill unreclaimed mining pits, a ...

  • Borneo Coal Trading | Indonesia

    Borneo Coal Trading (BCT) was established in January 2007. BCT is a privately held coal mining and trading company, supplying steam coal to domestic and export markets. read more. OUR PRODUCT. Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. It varies to different specifications according to its contents.

  • my North Borneo stamps: Labuan Coal Company

     · The coal was said to be of an inferior quality. But nonetheless, coal mining was resumed by the New Central Borneo Company Ltd in 1882. It constructed a railway line to transport coal to Victoria Port but halted operations 1898. The Central Borneo Company was also planting tobacco and other crops in North Borneo.

  • Borneo Pasifik Global – Think Coal, Think BPG

    Borneo Pasifik Global – Think Coal, Think BPG. Our History. Our Experience. Highlight. Location. The group is a coal mining & trading company which owns concessions ("iup") in south and east Kalimantan. Coal Quality Control. Market Profile. Production Volume.

  • Boss

    Widodo Nurly Sumady was Commissioner PT Diva Kencana Borneo (coal mining). He is also an Chief Financial Officer for BOSS Group with 4 coal concessions including PT. Bangun Olah Sarana Sukses. Widodo Nurly Sumady holds a Bachelor of Finance and Marketing from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia.


    Batu bara kalimantan timur. Kekayaan alam indonesia batu bara di tambang oleh bayak perusahaan.Serta bersaing untuk tercapaiya target. rsaing bukan berarti...

  • UK-financed coal mining is devastating Indonesian Borneo

     · The bank lent US$1 billion (£640 million) to Borneo Lumbung, which is pioneering coal extraction in the so far relatively unscathed province of Central Kalimantan. Waste from Borneo Lumbung''s mine has seeped into the local rivers, local woman Yesmaida told the World Development Movement''s researchers: ''The river is now dark and dirty.

  • Borneo Company Limited

    Borneo Company Limited, formed in 1856, was one of the oldest companies based in East Malaysia ... but mining, initially of antimony around Bau, then coal at Simunjan, mercury at Tegora and later of gold in Bau, took priority. The Rajahs had an ambivalent relationship with the Company, but often relied on it to assist them - not least when its ...

  • Borneo Coal Mining

     · Borneo Coal Mining. Eksploitasi Sumber Daya Minera dibumi Kalimantan terus belangsung. Mungkinkah para perusahaan tambang batubara mampu mengembalikan alam ke rona awal. Adakah kepedulian mereka tentang banjir yang selalu datang disetiap kali musim hujan tiba, ribuan hujan terendam banjir, puluhan korban jiwa terus berjatuhan.

  • coal – Borneo Pasifik Global

    currently borneo pasifik global is targetting to produce and provide approximately 3.1 million tonnes of steam coal for its customers annually. With our experiences as mining and trading company, We enjoy a strong and growing strategic position as far as production, marketing and …

  • UNPO: West Papua: Indonesia Continues Mining

    Below is an article by Skylar Lindsay for ASEAN Today. Indonesia is one of the world''s largest exporters of coal and with little oversight, coal mining companies in the archipelago have cleared rainforests and polluted natural resources, often belonging to indigenous communities.On the island of Borneo alone, coal mining concessions already cover more than 3.8 million hectares.

  • Mine Information – Golden Energy Mines

    The Company has coal mining business permits in Jambi (through KIM Block), South Sumatera (through BSL and EMS Group), West Sumatera (through EMS Group), South Kalimantan (through BIB), and Central Kalimantan (through TKS). The Company''s total mining areas is 66,204 hectares with potential resource of 2.91 billion tons and total reserves of 1 ...

  • steam coal, coal, mining product

    BORNEO COAL & MINERALS INDONESIA. Borneo Coal & Minerals Indonesia is agent of several coal & minerals mine company that established at 2010 with satisfied good result in many international and regional coal & minerals trading.

  • Silimpopon: A Borneo Coal Mine

    Silimpopon:A Borneo Coal MinebyRoss IbbotsonNew. Few people realise that Borneo had a highly productive coal mine, supporting a community of 3,000 people in its heyday, for about 30 years from the beginning of the 20th century. Ibbotson, an established Bo

  • Indonesian Coal Mining Boom Is Leaving Trail of ...

     · Kerta Buena lies in northeastern Borneo, an island larger than France that is primarily split between Indonesia and Malaysia. ITM, the Indonesian company that owns the mine, says it produces 29 million tons of coal per year on sites across Indonesian Borneo that cover nearly 200,000 acres — half of them on land the government designates as "production" forest.

  • 2018 Indonesian Mining Areas Map

    • Kartika Selabumi Mining • Karya Borneo Agung • Karya Putra Bersama • Karya Putra Borneo • Karya Usaha Pertiwi • Karyamaju Jaya Sentosa • Kayan Putra Utama Coal ... • Trubaindo Coal Mining • Utia Ilma Jaya • Vardila Buana Sakti • Wahana Kutai Energi • Welarco Subur Jaya • Wira Usaha Abadi Coal 1. Ana Konawe (F3)

  • Borneo Coal Trading Indonesia

    Posted in Borneo Coal, China Coal, Coal Mining, Coal rices, Coal Trading West ia Coal Mining Coal is an important part of west ia and the country, people just don''t realize that and if you take away coal mining from west ia and kentucky then …

  • Coal company list in Indonesia

    We mine the steam coal quality of Gross Calorific Value (ADB) 5800kcal/kg-5600kcal/kg and 6300kcal/kg-6100kcal/kg.The capacity mining can be arrange up to 60,000MT per-month which has deposit 3,000,000MT for Kutai pits at East Kalimantan.We trade Palm ...

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