what is a product line

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  • Product Line Analysis: A Practical Introduction

    Product line analysis is requirements engineering for a product line of software-intensive sys-tems. It encompasses the elicitation, analysis, specification, and verification1 of the require-ments for a product line. It is the requirements analyst''s perspective of the role of require-ments engineering in a product line development.

  • Product line length

    A product line can be defined as a set of products offered by a company that are similar in function and benefit. These sets of products are also usually sold through the same distribution channels to the same target market at a relatively similar price range. In many ways, the decision of a product line and its length (that is the number of ...

  • Product line definition — AccountingTools

     · A product line is a cluster of products that are marketed under the same brand umbrella, all sold by the same company. It is cost-effective for a company to cluster products into product lines, since they can build brands across a number of products. One marketing campaign can then be applied to each product line.

  • Product mix and Product line

     · Products line depth. It is fairly easy to understand what depth of the product mix will mean. Where length and width were a function of the number of product lines, the depth of the product mix is the total number of products within a product line. Thus if a company has 4 product lines and 10 products in each product line, than the product mix ...

  • What Is a Product Line? | Indeed

     · Product line managers and other marketers are the main people responsible for ensuring a product line''s overall success. They do this through strategic marketing campaigns and mitigating risk. A company may introduce new products or start a new product line …

  • What is product line pricing: definition, examples, and 4 ...

     · Product line pricing is an excellent strategy for all kinds of companies for all those reasons mentioned; informing customers of quality differentials is vital to cultivating the perception of your brand and to snaring the biggest share of the market possible.

  • Line Stretching Definition | Marketing Dictionary | MBA ...

     · Line stretching is an expanding strategy by a company where the new products are launched in the same product line but beyond the current product range with some additional or different features. Line stretching can be done down market, up market or both ways.

  • Product Family Definition

     · A product line in business is a group of related products under the same brand name manufactured by a company. Read how product lines help a …

  • What is PRODUCT LINE? What does PRODUCT LINE mean? PRODUCT …

     · What is PRODUCT LINE? What does PRODUCT LINE mean? PRODUCT LINE meaning - PRODUCT LINE definition - PRODUCT LINE exp...

  • What Are Examples of Product Line Extension?

     · A product line extension must promote the single idea associated with a brand''s positioning strategy in order to be successful. Some critics of product line extensions argue that for a product line extension to be successful, it must be closely related to the core product.

  • Product Line | Definition of Product Line by Merriam-Webster

    Product line definition is - all goods made by a manufacturing firm.

  • Solved: What Is The Difference Between A Product Line And ...

    The difference between a product line and a product mix is that a product line is a group of products or services that have been classified together, can be used together, the same customers use, can be purchased in the same place, and have a price range that they fall within for consumers to purchase. The product mix is the type of products ...

  • Product Line Definition

    A product line is a group of products that a company creates under a single brand. The products are similar and focus on the same market sector. Maybe their function or …

  • Ch-8 Managing Products, Product Lines, Brands, Packaging

    A: Product line is too short if profits can be increased by adding items to product line. Product line is too long if profit can be reduced by dropping items from product line. • Company''s objectives also influence product line length. If objective is increased market share: Longer product line length.

  • Product Line (Definition, Examples)| How does it Work?

    Product Line Extension. The term "product line extension" refers to the situation where a company introduces a new product that somewhat different than the company''s existing range of products. The idea behind this strategy is to expand the number of options available to a customer under a single brand.

  • The 7-Step Product Development Process [Explainer] (2021)

     · Bringing your vision for an original product to life is frequently one of the biggest hurdles for aspiring entrepreneurs. The product development process can seem almost mysterious, and when you hear the origin stories of other great ecommerce businesses, the journey to a finished product rarely resembles a straight line.. For example, when Tina Roth-Eisenberg''s daughter brought home some ...

  • 5 Product Line Pricing Strategies You Need to Know | Udemy ...

    Product line pricing is more effective when there are ample price gaps between each category so that the consumer is well informed of the quality differentials. There are five common product line pricing strategies – captive pricing, leader pricing, bait pricing, price lining, and price bundling. There will be examples with each type of strategy.

  • Product Line

    Product Line Vs. Product Mix | Bizfluent

  • Product Mix, Product Line and Product Items

    "Product line is a group of products that are closely related because they function in a similar way, are sold to same customer groups, are marketed through the same type of outlets, or fall within given price range." Thus, product line is the group of similar products. The similarity may be seen in …

  • Product Line Extensions 101: What It Is + Examples (2021)

     · Product line extension is a part of every company''s marketing strategy. It''s a low-risk way to meet the needs of various customer segments and can be used as a competitive weapon to increase a brand''s control over the market.

  • What Is a Product Line Extension? | Indeed

     · Product line extension is a marketing strategy that uses an established brand to introduce a new item into the same product line. The new item may differ slightly from what a company already offers, such as in flavor, color, form, ingredients or packaging size.

  • Product Line Stretching

     · Product Line Stretching – Meaning, Types, & Examples. Companies manufacture and offer a variety of products to their customers. A product line is when a business offers a set of related and similar products. Companies keep changing their product line. For instance, Apple offers smartwatches, smartphones, Mp3 players, computers, tablets, etc.

  • Product Lines: Definition & Explanation

    A product line is a group of products that are related either by function, customer market, or price point. A product-line manager will manage the product line and may manage a group of product ...

  • Product Line Decisions

     · The product line length can be influenced by company objectives and resources. For instance, a company might want to maintain longer product lines to protect against economic swings. Product Line Decisions no. 2: Expanding the product line . Expanding the product line is the second one of the product line …

  • What is the plural of product line?

    Bradford supermarket giant Morrisons has taken 44 product lines off its shelves.: Solid sales across its major product lines pushed HP to a tidy second quarter.: Innovations within the product lines of acoustic tile manufacturers allow for a more clean, crisp uncluttered aesthetic.: Increased scale will allow the co-op to drive down unit costs across their branded and own-label product lines.

  • What is product line engineering (PLE)?

     · Product Line Engineering (PLE) is a way to engineer a portfolio of related products in an efficient manner, taking advantage of products'' similarities while managing their differences. Engineering includes all the activities involved in planning, producing, delivering, deploying, sustaining, and even retiring products.

  • Product Line and Product Mix | Boundless Marketing

    Product Line Extensions. A product line extension is the use of an established product''s brand name for a new item in the same product category. Line extensions occur when a company introduces additional items in the same product category …

  • Product lining

    Product line pricing. Product line pricing is a product pricing strategy, used when a company has more than one product in a product line. It is a process that traders adopt to separate products in the same category into various price groups, to create different quality levels in the customers'' minds.

  • Guidelines for Developing a Product Line Production Plan

    The products in a product line are built from the product line''s core assets which include the requirements, architecture, components, test cases and plans, schedules, and budgets. Each core asset has an attached process that is created by the core-asset developer and that de-

  • Product Line Engineering Overview

    What is Product Line Engineering? Systems and Software Product Line Engineering, abbreviated as Product Line Engineering (or PLE for short), is defined as the engineering of a portfolio of related products using a shared set of engineering assets and an efficient means of production. By considering a product line portfolio as a single entity to ...

  • The 3 types of Product line stretching and why companies ...

     · The product line length within a company keeps changing. Generally, there are three price bands which exists in any market – Lower priced products, middle priced products and premium products.One brand concentrates on one price brand.. But the larger brands have the deep pockets to start multiple product lines which can target multiple customer segments, premium or otherwise.

  • Product Line Contraction Strategy

    This dropping of a product or the slimming of the product line is known as product line contraction. When a product is dropped, the turnover of the company is considerably affected. So, before embarking on a product-line contraction strategy, the firm should compare each item with that of the competitor''s and assess its relative strength or ...

  • PRODUCT LINE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    product line definition: a range of similar products or services that are sold by the same company, with different features…. Learn more.

  • Apple''s Product Line is Complex. And it''s Perfect

    Apple''s Product Line is Complex. And it''s Perfect. Some might insist that Apple''s product line has become bloated. Actually, it''s perfect. Twenty years ago, Apple was faltering. It''s too ...

  • 6.1 What Composes an Offering? – Principles of Marketing

    A product line can be deep (many offerings of a similar type) and/or broad (offerings that are very different from one another and cover a wide range of customers'' needs). The entire assortment of products that a company offers is called the product mix. Review Questions.

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